Each spring and fall, I do several types of detoxing for my general health.   Each one targets specific areas but mainly the liver and bowels.   I’ve been to the dentist recently and this one will work for dental radiation exposure, x-rays and radiation exposure from flying.   Since the author is over 100 yrs. old at this writing, I think I’ll just follow her advice and have what she’s having !

Here’s the article written by the Naughty Nutritionist.

Clearing Radiation:  A Detoxification Bath from Dr. Hazel Parcells

  • Without the inspiring example of Dr. Hazel Parcells (1889-1996), I wouldn’t have become healthy, much less turned into The Naughty Nutritionist.

Dr. Parcells inspired me not only because she had a great sense of mischief, but a talent for chopping and slicing through nutritional dogma.  She naughtily broke the rules of establishment nutrition by recommending red meat, raw milk, butter, no soy and no margarine.    She warned of the dangers of vegetarianism years ago, and understood body/mind/spirit medicine long before it became popular.

Much of Dr. Parcells’s pioneering work involved detoxification.  Radiation was one of her deepest concerns.   She said she found it everywhere in America, even in remote, beautiful locations such as Sapello, NM, where she lived during the last few years of her life.   Accordingly, she recommended that people clear themselves several times weekly with salt and baking soda baths and as soon as possible after submitting to dental X rays or plane trips.

Last week I spoke at a Weston A. Price Foundation regional conference in Detroit.   Soon after my long plane ride home, I took the Parcells bath for radiation, and felt more balanced and energetic right away.    I also like to take this bath whenever I’m feeling listless.

Here’s how to do it:

Dissolve one pound of sea salt or rock salt and one pound of baking soda in a tub of hot water.   Stay in the bath for 30 to 45 minutes as the water cools.  If the bath proves too hot to tolerate, you may speed the cooling by adding some cold water.  Do this only if it’s the only way you can stay in for at least 30 minutes and the next time you bathe take care not to start out so hot.   However, never add more hot water.    Do not shower for at least four hours after the bath.    You can do it anytime during the day, but it’s great before bed.

That’s it.   I like to take this bath once or twice a week throughout the year as well as after plane trips or X rays.   This bath sometimes leaves people feeling tired and weak, at least initially.   But once most of the accumulated radiation energy from the body has cleared, it will feel relaxing, clarifying and rejuvenating.

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