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Michelle - Health Coach and Paleo ChefWhile researching the link between food and  IBS & IBD, I spent years trying different foods and their effects on my digestion.  I knew there had to be a connection.  I’d eat a sandwich and become violently ill.  I would eat a protein such as fish, chicken or beef with only vegetables and I wasn’t ill.  It was driving me crazy, so I started literally experimenting on myself and my family 3x a day and charting our results.  I saw a difference  !   I’ve learned a lot about food in the last 7 yrs. and I am excited to be sharing my results with you.

One of the first things I do as a health coach, is assess your lifestyle, cooking and eating habits.   If you live in the Greater Seattle area, I will come to your home , show you what to avoid in your pantry and how to make either a breakfast, lunch or dinner that won’t make you ill.   If you are too sick to cook, I am happy to provide you with fresh delicious food and baked goods.   There are 4 stages to eating and healing with IBD and we’ll determine where you are in the process and how to get to the next step in your healing plan.  Eating correctly will ensure the efficacy of your drug treatment plan and keep you off of steroids.

If you are online, I can do a  consult with you via Skype or email.

I’ll teach you how to cook, and yes, you’ll need to cook and not rely on processes foods of any kind.  You’ve probably read a lot about Paleo diets and the food I prepare is SCD compliant and Paleo.   Processed foods are laden with preservatives and bad oils and will do nothing but exacerbate your IBD, ruin your heart health and pack on the pounds.

I have completely omitted gluten and sugar from our diet.  While they have come a long way in developing new GF baking products, but I don’t use most of them and prefer nut flours or coconut flours.   Sugar is nothing but trouble (see my post on sugar), so I use honey for everything except coffee and some baked goods.  I now use stevia and xylitol for coffee and in baking certain confections that I can’t use honey in.

I am a Chapter Leader for an organization that is like the slow foods movement.  Lots of farm fresh foods and vegetables on my table.   I’ve learned how to get kids to eat and love healthy foods.  My son was eating my food and loving it without knowing it was for IBD !   in the process it cured up his health problems too.  See my post on children and IBD.

I have 1 day a week where I make baked goods for the family and freeze them.  I’ll show you how to prepare and pack in bulk for easy thaw and transport for the week.   You won’t leave home without something yummy in your bag so you can avoid the vending machines and convenience stores.  Having my snacks and baked goods meant a lot to me and kept me on the right path.  I make wonderful gluten free breads, pizza crusts and even candy all with out wheat and sugar.  My baked goods taste more like French style treats.

I am in the process of writing several e-books and a cook book, but will be updating my site with weekly recipes with tips and techniques.   Please contact me at for pricing on my consultations and e-books.

Like my son says, I am saving the world one stomach at a time.

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