Problem with taking fiber

Read this with my post on Bristol Stool Chart.  It will explain a lot about why conventional cures for constipation may be making you worse.    I’ve tried them all from laxatives to  husks and none of them worked.  Bran and fiber made my bloating that much worse.  I didn’t realize the husks and all of fillers and binders in the laxatives were feeding the bad gut bacteria which thrive off of certain fibers, binders and starches.

I’ve also included a link to the author’s site and his bio below.

How To End The Nightmare Of Constipation Before It Ends You

Constipation starts shortly after birth at a 3% rate, exceeds 50% by the age of 50, and reaches over 90% by the age of 80. In other words, you are not alone…As with most other lifestyle disorders, bad parenting, bad doctoring, bad dietary advice, and prescription drugs are the main culprits behind chronic and intermittent constipation in children and adults.As time goes by, laxatives and fiber elevate constipation from the mere nuisance of hemorrhoids to the much more painful and traumatic anal fissures or irritable bowel syndrome, and all the way to an outright lethal ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, or colon cancer.

Miralax Safety Alert

Young, fertile women are particularly hard hit by the ravages of constipation. Bloated by large stools and flatus, the colon increases the intra-abdominal pressure on the neighboring uterus — a condition that is behind most of the pain, cramping, discomfort, familial disunion, and workplace tensions associated with PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

In otherwise healthy adults, constipation is usually preceded by decades of semi-regular stools that are either too large, too hard, too infrequent, or all three. Because of straining and retention, abnormal stools gradually decimate the insides of the colon, rectum, and anal canal, until one day the bowels no longer move as intended by nature — once or twice daily, usually after a meal, and with zero effort or notice.

Therefore, it’s best to recognize and eliminate abnormal stools long before they bite you in the ass, literally and figuratively


Mr.. Monastyrsky graduated from medical university in 1977 with a pharmacy degree. He is also a certified nutritional consultant and an expert in forensic nutrition, a new field of science that investigates the connection between supposedly healthy foods and nutrition-related disorders, such as diabetes and obesity.   Read more at   Mr. Monastyrksy is a frequent contributor to The Weston A. Price Foundation periodical and website.


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