Welcome to Life with IBD & IBS.  Here you’ll find everything you need to cope with your diagnosis and begin living and adjusting to life with IBD or IBS.  If you haven’t yet seen a Doctor, but suspect that you have IBS or are suffering from digestion issues, you’ve come to the right place.

While either diagnosis can come as a shock for some, for others it’s a relief to have been given a diagnosis after years of suffering.  Living with IBD or IBS is not the deep black hole or limited lifestyle that you think it is.   I’ll show you how to manage your life and doctors treatment plan with food substitutions, healthful coaching, dental advice, holistic stress treatments and meal planning  SCD/Paleo style.

I think it’s a journey of self discovery while you repair and improve your health.  Your disease is constantly changing from diagnosis through the various stages of healing.  You’ll experience the frustration of changes as your medication plan kicks in.  Some phases are easier than others, but I can help you recognize and adjust thorough them all.

If you are a parent of a child, you’ll learn how to prepare foods that nourish and heal your child, while improving  their moods and behavior. Being a Mother, I understand your fears and frustrations trying to cope and manage your lives – let alone a major illness and diet change!  I can show you how to organize your kitchen, your time and give you the resources to make it easier.

Update:  I am please to announce that Dr. David L. Suskind M.D. from Seattle Children’s Hospital has published his own version of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet !  After years of clinical trials and use on his patients, Dr. Suskind is advocating the SCD lifestyle.   He is an amazing, open minded physician and his patients are extremely lucky to be in his care.  So, I am sure we will see a wave of GI Doctors who will no doubt be more open to diet as a cure for IBD in the future.  

If you are new to the diet, Dr. Christine Bowen N.D and I have put together a laminated kitchen cheat sheet for SCD, to use in your kitchen or while shopping.   We are currently putting together more helpful kitchen tools to make the most of your time – kitchen management when starting SCD can make your new adventure much easier.  Having easy accessible food and snacks make a huge difference.  Stay tuned for more, but you can purchase this on site.  Let me know your thoughts !







I’ve lived with IBS and IBD my entire life and wasn’t fully aware what that meant until 9 years ago when I got a definitive diagnosis.  Up until that point I was told I had IBS or microscopic colitis.  This site will chronicle my journey from IBS as a kid to full blown Crohn’s with colitis disease as an adult.  In the past I’ve had it all: bad gas, bleeding, bloating, fatigue, anemia, skin fissures, the start of fistulas, blood transfusions, hair loss, the spectrum of drugs and antibiotics, biological treatments (remicade), and lots and lots of doctor appointments. 

When you have IBD there is a lot of “stuff” to go with it that leaves you completely unprepared and stumbling in the dark.  Your body starts to react to the bowel problems and it becomes a game of internal dominos and connecting the dots.   It is extremely frustrating to find out that while you have gut issues, your dental health is also falling apart as well as your overall general health.  

I am here to help you walk you thru it all so you can get on your way.  I have never felt better, had more energy and depression no longer plagues me.  Please visit my F.B. page and feel free to ask for advice!  

I can help you and you are not alone.

All the best, 


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Prior to her role as Patient Advocate, Health Coach and Chef, Michelle was a Sr. Marketing Event Mgr. for technology companies.

A native of Ohio and California, Michelle enjoys working with local farmers as a local Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation, supporting sustainable farming practices and teaching about cooking from traditional and SCD/Paleo foods.  When she’s not saving the world one stomach at a time, she can be found cooking and trying new recipes on her clients and family.


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  1. Lorelei Spiegelman

    As your neighbor and friend I have seen you go through a profound transformation. I love that I can refer people to you for help with their bodies. You have truly “been there” and now you’re not. You really understand the struggles of change that are needed for true healing to take place. It is amazing how many illnesses can be treated by changing the way we eat. I have learned so much from you and I have enjoyed being the recipient of some of your baking and cooking revelations. How wonderful that you can share this huge wealth of experience and knowledge with people! I love it!


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